Wiltshire and Swindon Green Open Homes

9 - 17 Mar 2024

Come and find out about green, energy saving technologies from homeowners in Wiltshire and Swindon who have taken the plunge. A great opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of different technologies without any sales pitches. All visitors living in Wiltshire or Swindon will be offered a FREE retrofit survey for their own home!

47 homes

Energy-saving improvements key

  • Low-cost improvements
    Low-cost improvements
  • 'Big' insulation works
    'Big' insulation works
  • Glazing
  • Lighting systems and electrical appliances
    Lighting systems and electrical appliances
  • High spec heating
    High spec heating
  • Renewables: heat
    Renewables: heat
  • Renewables: electricity
    Renewables: electricity
  • Water management
    Water management
  • Sustainable building materials
    Sustainable building materials
  • Lifestyle change
    Lifestyle change
  • Recommended

Please note that this event has now finished.


This green open homes covers Wiltshire and Swindon. It is organised by Wiltshire Climate Alliance and other Wiltshire and Swindon green groups. It builds on a successful smaller event organised by Great Green Bedwyn in October 2023. To help you to take what you learn forward the Centre for Sustainable Energy are offering all visitors living in Wiltshire and Swindon a FREE retrofit survey for their own home.

If you're not sure which home or homes to visit get in touch and let us know your preferred location and interests and we'll make some suggestions.

Find out more here.

Note that Wiltshire Climate Alliance and our partners are not in a position to endorse any of the information shared by homeowners on the Green Open Homes website or with visitors to their homes. We recommend people do their own thorough research before carrying out any home improvements.


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Website: www.wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk/greenopenhomes

Email: goh@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk

Phone: call Christian Lange on 078 2525 3848 or Julian Jones on 07809 122474

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